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Poker: Milking the Pot

One of the best strategies you can learn as a poker player is milking the pot, or getting as much money as possible from each premium hand you are dealt. When you know how to accomplish this, you can somewhat control the degree of your winnings.

Value Bet

A value bet is a specific type of bet used when the player expects to be called. The goal is to bet as much money as possible and still get a call from an opponent, mainly because you are able to get much more money this way. You should play carefully because betting too high can result in the hand being folded to you. There is a very delicate balance between betting too high and betting too low.

When Should You Value Bet?

The key to value betting is the knowledge that you are going to win the pot. Therefore, you should only value bet when you have a seriously good hand, and when you are sure that you are going to win. For a great example of value betting, consider betting anywhere from 25% to 40% of what is in the pot. This will give your opponents just enough odds to think they may get the pot and result in them calling. So, if there is $100 in the pot and your hand is amazing, a good value bet is between $25 and $40.

Value betting is something that most professionals do, and if you have played poker for a while, you have probably done it yourself a lot without even realizing it. It is a beneficial strategy that can result in you obtaining more money for your win.