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Poker: What Exactly is Slow Playing?

Slow playing is a term that describes a player making small bets or just calling as if they have a weak hand when, in truth, they have a strong hand. There are many situations in which slow playing is beneficial and can help the player win more money by dominating their opponents.

Why Slow Play?

When you slow play specific opponents, it may lead them into betting and putting more of their own money in the pot whereas if you had bet large, they might have folded. Slow playing leads your opponents to underestimate the strength of your hand, giving them the impression that they might win. There are disadvantages to slow playing, including not being able to get as much money from a premium hand that you might have normally.

Tips for Slow Playing

When slow playing, you need a great hand in order for it to work correctly, and the pot size should be very large. You need to make sure you are conveying an image of someone with a weak hand and that you inspire other players to become aggressive. One particular method of slow betting is not raising at all, or simply calling and checking so other players think they have a weaker hand than they do.

When you have the dominant hand and you are sure you are going to have the dominant hand at the end, slow playing can be very beneficial for you. Watch other players for signs of slow playing in order to force you to bet more, because if you can do it, they can too!